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The automotive hub for accelerating business and innovation in autonomous driving, transportation and e-mobility.

The automotive hub

Where smarter means collaboration and mobility means business.

``We don’t know what the future holds,

but we have a collective responsibility to shape it``

Who We Are

 Smarter Mobility is the automotive hub for accelerating business in autonomous driving, transportation and e-mobility. A non-profit resource centre driving innovation with focus on digital services and solutions.


Our mission is to strengthen our members competitiveness by providing access to industry expertise, skills and resources, We are actively seeking opportunities for new projects between our members, including members of our connected clusters both nationally and internationally.


Smarter Mobility will provide you access to leading industry experts, research, resources, skills and hundreds of innovative companies and projects through our own channels but also through our connected international clusters in Europe. We will actively drive your business by identifying new projects and initiatives regionally, nationally and internationally. We also offer Business Development services when you are going into the commercialization phase.

Growth resource

Smarter Mobility offers relevant state-of-the art, up-to-date and tailor-made services and resources for members and partners to help companies exist, collaborate and grow.

Expert adviser

The automotive hub is the knowledge resource and expert adviser on transportation, mobility, automotive and e-mobility related questions for its members and partners.

Global interface

Smarter Mobility is the interface to other clusters in mobility, automotive and e-mobility, both nationally and to our connected clusters in Germany and Europe.

Local network

The automotive hub secures that mobility, automotive and e-mobility are prioritized growth areas within the Skåne region by creating strong relationships with relevant authorities.


Lund, with an impressive track record of industry firsts and innovative climate, is the perfect location for an automotive hub.


The closeness to university, relevant research, simulation and test bed opportunities, are strong success factors.


Sweden has a strong legacy in the automotive industry and combined with an innovate IT-climate, Skåne is a natural breeding ground for innovative autonomous driving, transportation and e-mobility solutions.

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